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Which website is best suited for your business, the additions and why you need one

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"If you do not offer what the client needs, offer nothing at all." - YhoSoul


Quality and practicality are extremely important to us and we never cut corners when it comes to delivering outstanding websites to our clients. Every project is unique and our professional solutions are tailored to suit your website design needs.

YhoSoul has worked with a variety of businesses and individuals, we are always keen to expand our design range and our portfolio of websites. We strive to make our clients’ businesses succeed at all cost and we are always dedicated to use the best web building techniques to suit what you wish for.

We pride ourselves on long-lasting business relationships, which is why our clients highly recommend us at all times. Check out our low-prices bellow.

Web Designs


Why do I need a website again?

Online Presence & Marketing

It is evident and proven by research about the rise of online business presence that possessing a website is one of the highest return-on-investment initiatives your company can engage in. Taking advantage of the rise of online business is as versatile way your company can improve clientele.

People have become skeptic and they will want to know details about your business prior from contacting you. One of the main reasons that consumers use the Internet is to learn about products and services and to compare which company is best suited for their needs. A good websites aids in providing consumers with background information about your company and your products and services, testimonials and feedback from other customers and some helpful and pleasing graphical information will play a huge part in promoting your business. Online consumers are typically looking for enough information on which to make an informed decision. Your website can help to educate people and help to generate trust and security.

Legitimacy & Communication

A website design can help provide a customer with the impression that your business is legitimate. A professional looking and functioning website demonstrates an investment in a business and increases customer confidence which leads to an increase in sales.

It has been stressed time and time again that the most important customers are the customers that you already have. It is by this understanding that there is no easier and more convenient way to maintain customer contact than through a central location which is provided by a website. Through your website, you can maintain a contact database of your current and potential customers, you can distribute newsletters, create surveys, and update customers so that they feel you're taking the effort necessary to keep them informed about the goings on of the business they so trustingly invest in. A website will help the customer develop a favorable and lasting impression about your business.

Your Website speaks for you

A website's life is created to work for you, even when you are not up and about, your website will be the best tool to aid in keeping consumers informed about your business and which products you have for them to purchase. With the wide-spread access to the internet that people have today, a website provides an opportunity for customers to have a look at your business online at any time, day or night. Did we mention that we provide analytics? This tool enables you to study your website visitors activity patterns, which can help you learn more about the people that visit your website and how to keep them coming back.

Some of a websites valuable uses are to provide customers with information that they need around the clock. These uses include a map of your business location, your business hours, all the relevant contact information, and a means for your customers to send you contact messages at any given time.

Keeping up with the Competition

Competition is always trying to be a step ahead, therefore, it is very possible that many of your competitors have websites online already. A well designed website is a way to keep up with the competition and even surpass it. Other important facts about a website is to present a professional online image and to expose your business to a wide audience in a way that cannot be done with any other marketing method around.

From design to delivery


Our web designs always come with the bellow additions

Mobile & Social

These days people like looking up websites using modile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is with this fact that all of our websites are designed to be mobile friendly so that your visitors look you up on the go, no matter the screen size. There is no need to worry if your business is on facebook or other social networks. We will include your social media network links in your website so that people can interact with your social networks directly from your website. Just an added service YhoSoul provides.

Analytics & Maps

Concerned about how people will find your business location? Your website will come fully furnished with an interactive Google map. Your visitors will be able to look you up and find your offices without ever leaving your website. There comes a time when you may wonder how many visitors have been to your website. In every website we design we include Google Analytics on it. You will get on-request reports showing you where most of your traffic is coming from and which pages your visitors spend time on in order for you to maximize your marketing.

Stock Photos & Domain

We understand that not everyone has professional message driven photos to make use of. Every web design package comes with additional stock photos that we use to enhance your design put the message you are trying to convey across to your visitors. After all, sometimes pictures speak louder than words. If you do not already have a hosting account, no worries, we will register your domain for you and provide you with free hosting for the first 2 months. Just a little something to get you going.

Website Pricing

  • Starter
  • R5 499

    • 5 content pages
    • Interactive slider
    • Basic SEO
    • Contact form
    • 1 month free maintenance
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  • Business
  • R9 499

    • 15 – 20 content pages
    • Interactive slider
    • Intermediate SEO
    • Contact form
    • 1 month free maintenance
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  • E-commerce
  • R12 499

    • 10 content pages
    • Interactive slider
    • 25 products loaded
    • Payment control & Invoice system
    • Optional Discount coupons
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